Our Meetingrooms

Modern, bright and fully equiped

Bright, friendly and equiped with modern Event technology. -This is how your Meeting-, Seminer-, and Conference room should look like. In Meetinshotel, Semerinahotel or Conferencehotel in Food Hotel Neuwied you'll find the best seating, free WiFi and Event technology.
Kaffee kontor (Coffee shop) / Teespeicher (tea storage) max. 250 people
In our 6 modern, bright and air-conditioned meeting rooms, we offer 4-star meeting services for 2 - 250 persons. Let yourself be spoiled by the perfect conference package and look forward to a great stay.


In our largest room "Kaffeekontor" and "Teespeicher" 250 people will have room. If the gallery is also used there will be enough room for 270 people.

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At our meetingroom we can place 120 persons. The room ist furnished with modern technology and large windows.

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In the meeting room Dosenküche 90 persons will find space. The room is furnished with modern technology and a creativ space for your breaks.

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The meeting room Teespeicher is capable of bearing. Furthermore it is furnished with modern technology and large windows.

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The meeting room Gewürzkammer ist furnished with 2 beamers and modern technology. There is also natural light.

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Backstube max. 200 Persons

Sie bekommen in unseren 6 modernen, hellen und klimatisierten Tagungsräumen für 5 – 200 Personen einen 4-Sterne-Tagungservice geboten. Lassen Sie sich nach Ihren Wünschen die auf Sie perfekt abgestimmte Tagungspauschale erstellen und freuen Sie sich auf einen tollen Aufenthalt.

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