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We know each other very well with hotels and restaurants - for everything else we have formed a powerful and reliable network. Here you can see some of the most experienced industry experts who contribute to our success.

Our "sparkling" godparents

Edeka Wein (2)


Get to know the most renowned producers from Europe under "Exclusive cultivation", or browse under "Selection of our assortment" in our national and international top wines. Find out more about our partner here:

Peter Mertes Wein

Peter Mertes Wein

The wine cellar Peter Mertes is a traditional family business based in Bernkastel-Kues on the Moselle. Since 1924, we have been working with our employees for selected wines from Germany and all over the world. Learn and met our wine and our Company. Discover with us with Peter Mertes Wineworld:

Veltins (2)


Beer is a food with a long tradition. VELTINS Pilsener is brewed exclusively with natural ingredients according to the purity of 1516. Water, malt, hops and yeast are the basis of the fresh taste.
Here you can find out what makes VELTINS so unique and refreshing.
And for those who would like to get informed beforehand - our virtual brewing tour gives you a comprehensive overview of the entire manufacturing process of fresh VELTINS.

Messmer Tee (2)

Ostfriesische Tee-Gesellschaft (OTG)

Founded in 1907, the Ostfriesische Tee Gesellschaft, or OTG, has been programmed for growth for more than 100 years. Their motto "OTG - We make more tea" stands for the way: The largest subsidiary of the Laurens Spethmann Holding works out the traditional product tea again and again new enjoyment, creates tea-worlds of experience, staged tea and develops new, tasteful products. OTG identifies trends at an early stage and converts 20 percent of sales to creations that are less than three years old. With the Messmer MOMENTUM in Hamburg's HafenCity, for example, one of Hamburg's first brands was created.
The OTG invites you to look behind the scenes of one of the great European tea companies:

Früh Kölsch

Früh Kölsch

For over 100 years, there is early Kölsch. These are over 100 years of Braukultur in the shadow of the cathedral, more than 100 years of Cologne history, more than 100 years of family tradition - and above all, over 100 years of outstanding Kölsch. And this story is the story of beer brewers and beers, of our employees, our customers and our family, because for the quality of our beer we are the direct descendants of the company founder Peter Josef Früh.

Coca Cola Sitzecke NEU

Coca Cola

More than 125 years ago, in 1886, Coca-Cola was invented in Atlanta. In 1929, the "Essener Vertriebsgesellschaft für Naturgetränke" ("Essener Vertriebsgesellschaft für Naturgetränke") filled the first Coca-Cola bottle. Since then, we have been firmly entrenched here. To start over 85 years ago, there was only our classic Coca-Cola on the German market. That should change soon. Already 1940 was invented in Essen a drink, which is now known worldwide: Fanta. Germany is one of the most important markets in Europe for The Coca-Cola Company.



The production in Bad Neuenahr, also at the foot of the vineyard, on which the winemaker Georg Kreuzberg 1852 the "Apollinaris Classic Quelle".
The natural mineral water is aerated with carbon dioxide and is pumped to the surface under strict quality standards. It is bottled directly on the spot before it sets off for mineral water lovers in Germany and around the world.

Our "sweet" godparents

Edeka Obst (3)


Behind our own brand EDEKA is high-quality fruit and vegetable flavors in every form.
Only the best fruits from controlled cultivation come seasonalas EDEKA fruit in the trade. So that you can enjoy the whole taste and full flavor.
And whether the carrot from the peasant next door or the peppers from Andalusia - depending on the season, the brand EDEKA offers vegetables from different cultivating countries, which must always meet our high requirements: From the seed to the harvest, the cultivation of all products is subject to strict controls.


Dr. Oetker - Paula die Kuh

The delicious PAULA milk pudding impresses with its 'cool' patchwork and is available in 4x125g pack in 5 different varieties. The PAULA minis are available in a practical 6x50g pack for the little sting.



The Zentis brand is known to most consumers as a supplier of fruity jams and fine marzipan specialties. However, we produce not only delicious jams and seductive marzipan, but also our yoghurt, fruit quark and many other dairy products give the delicious fruity taste. We from Zentis are not one of Europe's leading fruit processors for nothing. For more than 120 years, we have specialized in the refining of fruits and other natural raw materials.
Since 1893 we are located in Aachen. Tradition is characterized by our company as well as innovation and global orientation.

Bett Werthers Echte


It happened a long time ago in the town of Werther. There, the Zuckerbäcker Gustav Nebel created his best candy at the height of his skill. He took fresh cream, good butter, white crystal sugar, golden yellow candy, a pinch of salt and plenty of time. And when at the end the cream sweets were particularly successful, he called Werther's original.
Much has changed since then - and a lot has remained as it always was. The Werther's original caramel can be enjoyed today in a very different way - in one of our pampered sweets or in the delicious chocolate and caramel specialties. They are made with love, care and the best ingredients, as they were then, giving people so special moments of warmth and pleasure. All rightly bear the same great name: Werther's original.

Prinzenrolle (2)

Griesson - De Beukelaer

For more than 55 years, you have been enjoying the prince's roll: the prince roll assortment not only includes our classic prince roll cocoa, but a variety of double-baking variations for a varied taste experience. Conveniently packaged for home and on the road, you will find the right portion for every occasion.



Our company is already family-owned in the third generation. And although Ferrero is continuously growing and is now an international company, the entrepreneurial principles of the founders shape every single location to this day.

This includes the consistently pursued strategy of growing above all from its own innovative power and bringing new products onto the market again and again. Ferrero Deutschland is particularly involved in the development of production technologies. The production of the Ferrero specialties, which are often sophisticated, requires genuine engineering skills: special know-how, which is also used when new production sites are set up in other countries.

Our "heartful" godparents

Edeka Fisch (4)


Fish is easily digestible, contains high-quality protein and provides valuable omega-3 fatty acids, especially rich fish such as salmon, mackerel or herring.

Thanks to modern logistics and freezer technology, fish are nowadays a rich choice at any time. It can be prepared in many ways and varied infinitely. Here you will find the most important cooking methods and wonderful recipes. Let yourself be inspired!

EDEKA Gemüse im food hotel Neuwied

EDEKA Gemüse

Fresh fruit and vegetables from all over the world, produced in the best quality, in a large selection, with care and sense of responsibility - are waiting daily for our customers.
Our fruits and vegetables are an extra class of quality and freshness. Only specially selected products may bear the name of our own brands.
See for yourself!

Edeka Käse (2)


Whether big or small, young or old - almost everyone loves him: cheese. Statistically, each German eats about 22 kg of it a year. There are over 150 cheese varieties, an incredible 4,000 worldwide. There is a lot of knowledge about this popular dairy product.
Curious? We have put together the most interesting information

Rotkäppchen Käse Zimmer im food hotel Neuwied


The family enterprise Rotkäppchen with its own cheese dairy Altenburger Land has been combining a balance of economy and ecology for generations!
With the certification according to »IFS«, the demanding quality management system gained its official status in 2004. Our experienced chef masters pay particular attention to traditional preparation and the utmost

Freiberger Pizza Zimmer im food hotel Neuwied

Freiberger Lebensmittel

For more than 35 years, the Freiberger Group has been developing and producing frozen and chilled pizzas for international retailers. Frozen snacks, baguettes and pasta pastries complement our product portfolio.
In five factories in Germany, Austria and England, we produce our products according to all current production technologies. We offer pizza "Made in Germany": Our many years of baking experience, the use of state-of-the-art technology and German production know-how ensure reliable production, high performance and consistently high quality standards.
The Freiberger Group is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Südzucker AG, one of the largest food manufacturers.

Chio Chips

Intersnack - Chio Chips

Opel - the first address for chips." Yes, read correctly!
For Opel is behind Chio. To be exact: Carlo, Heinz and Irmgard of Opel - in short: CHIO.
It was they who launched the first potato chips brand in 1962.

Bedford Wurst

Bedford Fleischwaren

Sausage making is an art in itself. Salzmilde raw ham, gently ripened salami, delicious cooked sausage, fine pies and hand-picked delicacies in aspic: Bedford has devoted itself to the art of sausage making with body and soul and leads in the assortment over 140 sausage and ham specialties. The craftsmanship, the attention to detail and the philosophy of the company founder Piet Mutsaers - "There is no substitute for quality" - are trademarks and important prerequisites for the success of the last decades.
For example, the family business run by the siblings Gabriele and Bert Mutsaers in the second generation generated sales of 57 million euros in 2012 and employs more than 320 people.

Bedford offers its products exclusively through the service stations of butchers, delicatessens and selected food retailers.
"As a partner to the meat trade, we offer our customers an attractive range of products," says Bert Mutsaers. "Our high-quality sausage and ham products are characterized by a high percentage of manual production and perfectly complement our customers' offerings. We want to be successful in the future. "


Dr. Oetker

Trust, sustainability and also credibility are extremely important factors in the family business Dr. Oetker. Almost all consumers - in Germany it is 96 percent (Gruner + Jahr Brigitte Communication Analysis 2012) - know the brand and bring their great trust. Repeatedly, independent and representative surveys have shown that Dr. Oetker occupies a top position among the German food brands and is one of the most trustworthy food brands internationally. This is the result of over 100 years of trustworthy and sustainable dealings with this brand and its consumers.

Dornseifer Currywurst (2)


For nearly 50 years, our Dornseifer stores have been one of the most popular fresh produce markets in the region. For the production in our butcher and bakery, we attach great importance to a gentle preparation in order to offer you natural freshness as well as unadulterated taste and highest enjoyment. Convince yourself of our high-quality products and our unique service and visit us at your Dornseifer fresh market on the spot.

Royal Meat

Royal Meat

The EBLEX quality standard quality label guarantees consumers maximum security when buying and consuming the meat.

Quality Standard meat is selected according to the most stringent criteria and controlled independently. Every step of the procurement chain and the production process - from the farm to meat - is clearly understandable. The EBLEX quality mark is the only one in the United Kingdom which takes the component "consumption quality" into account. This ensures that the meat has a consistently high consumption quality: it is tender, juicy and aromatic - a special pleasure.


HILCONA Feinkost

The company success of HILCONA AG is no secret - it is based on the quality promise of unique freshness, day by day a pleasure.
Hilcona is the market leader in the field of fresh convenience in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Founded in 1935 by Toni Hilti as a canning factory in the Principality of Liechtenstein, the Hilcona Group now comprises various production and several distribution centers, thanks to fresh thinking, constant innovation and expansion. This is also reflected in a continuous growth in sales.

Our "non-food" godparents

Zimmer_Hotel (7)


Unilever is a Dutch-Britisch company. The company is one of the world´s largest manufactures of consumers goods.The main business areas included the productions of good, cosmetics, personal car, household and textile products.

Unilever employs 174.000 Mitarbeiter worldwide (2013) in more than 100 countries (in 1990,304.000), of which 5.000 are employed in the Federal Republic of Germany (2013) (36.000 in 1962, 27.400 in 1990 an 8.000 in late 2005).

FNG Zimmer im food hotel Neuwied

FNG Magazin

The FNG magazine is the independent brand monitor for the food trade. It is understood as the forum of quality-oriented and distinctive brand manufacturers.
The fng-magazine is directed to the decision-maker at the POS, the market leader. The central theme of our coverage is the fascination, which starts with a convincing brand world.
Accurate and concise formulations, complementary illustrations and photos have made the fng-magazine a widely read and intensively used medium. Last but not least, the practical relevance and feasibility of the contributions provide the market leaders with an important tool for professional everyday life.

Zimmer_Hotel (54)

Association of Food Science Schools

Initial vocational training and a long-standing professional experience are no guarantee for success in the market of tomorrow.
Rather, entrepreneurial and goal-oriented thinking and acting are the basis for your professional success.
That is why we are applying a program of systematic qualification of specialists and executives for the food industry. For your own career planning, for the development of food competence and for preparation for sector-specific final examinations.
The Bundesfachschule der Lebensmittelhandels has been the only branch school for German food retailers for over 75 years.
Numerous careers have begun in Neuwied. We look forward to you.

Real Zimmer im food hotel Neuwied


Real, is a distribution line of METRO GROUP, one of the most important international trading companies. Real, - operates 309 stores in Germany.
A comprehensive range of food and non-food, high-quality freshness products and attractive prices: all of this makes real - one of the leading hypermarkets in Germany. Our goal is to provide customers with the best shopping experience. Real, - operates 309 markets nationwide. In addition there are 2 drive-in food markets in Germany as well as the real, - online shop. The hypermarkets of real, - have sales areas of 5,000 to 15,000 square meters. They offer customers all products of daily needs under one roof. Three quarters of sales achieved real, - with food. The main focus is on fresh products, such as fruit and vegetables, meat, sausage, fish and cheese. In addition, real has a wide range of non-food products, including electronics, household goods and textiles. Up to 80,000 different items are available in every real, hypermarket store.

Tengelmann (4)

Kaiser's Tengelmann

Kaiser's Tengelmann GmbH is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Tengelmann Group, based in Mülheim an der Ruhr. With approximately 500 branches, we are represented in the core regions of North Rhine-Westphalia, Berlin & the surrounding area as well as Munich / Oberbayern.
Under the slogan "Always a good idea", we continue to actively and actively promote the positioning as a quality and freshness supermarket. More than 350 stores have already been converted to the successful and innovative branch concept "black-red-gold". A high quality requirement, extensive fresh assortments as well as a particularly pleasant shopping atmosphere characterize this branch type, which is very appreciated by our customers. With innovative recipe and product recommendations, we want to inform and inspire our customers day

Anuga (2)

Köln Messe

The success of a trade fair is the efficient and qualified combination of markets and people. Regardless of whether you are an exhibitor, a visitor, a trade fair or an event organizer, we have the trade fair competence you need. And that since 1924.

RUNDSCHAU Zimmer im food hotel Neuwied

Rundschau für den Lebensmittelhandel

Our Profil:
We design media for trade and crafts. Our focus is on the food industry. We publish our own publications and are media service providers for companies and organizations from the trade and food world.

Our understanding:
We create more value concepts for our customers. We report constructively-critical about the industry, derive practice-relevant orientation aids and profiling approaches for our readers and illustrate these with professional media competence. We think brand and value-oriented.

Our expertise:
We combine professional media know-how with trade and food competence. We offer individual value creation concepts for decision-makers and promote excellent quality brand management. Through our network, we are always at the heart of the food and commercial sector.

Für Sie (6)

FÜR SIE Handelsgenossenschaft

In 1962, the company FÜR SIE e.G. founded. Since then, our cooperative has grown into a large and modern trading company with billions of sales. Our goal is the economic support of our predominantly medium-sized member companies. We have been faithful to this co-operative principle over the many years and are pursuing it more consistently than ever. Under the umbrella of the SIE-Handelsgruppe, more than 200 companies with more than 30,000 sales outlets work together. Together they achieve important competitive advantages without giving up their entrepreneurial independence. For YOU, the network is a cross-industry network.


Lebensmittel Praxis

With expertise, professionalism and sovereignty, the editorial department of LEBENSMITTEL PRAXIS has been providing profound specialist information for over 65 years in the interest of trade and the food industry. For a long time, the FOODSTUFFS PRAXIS has been more than just a magazine. It is a brand with a broad range of communications: print, online, competitions, congresses.

Carrier 1

Carrier Kältetechnik Deutschland

In 1902 Willis Carrier solved one of the greatest challenges of mankind - the regulation of the room climate by a modern air conditioning system. Thanks to its invention, numerous new industries have emerged that promote productivity, health and personal wellbeing around the world.
Today, Carrier's innovations are found all over the world and in almost every aspect of everyday life. We create pleasant and productive environments independent of the respective climate. We protect the global food supply by maintaining the quality and freshness of food and drink. We ensure health and well-being by enabling the proper transportation and delivery of vital medical goods under exact conditions. We offer leading solutions, services and knowledge in the field of environmentally friendly building technology.
These are just a handful of examples with which Carrier makes the world a better place to live, work and play.


Markant food und nonfood

MARKANT Handels und Service GmbH is a wholly-owned subsidiary of MARKANT AG, Pfäffikon (CH).
On behalf of MARKANT AG, MARKANT Deutschland acts as an independent country organization with a service portfolio geared to the German market, focusing on the goods business.
On behalf of MARKANT AG, we strengthen the potential of more than 100 wholesale and retail companies as a service center.

Mars petcare (4)

Mars Petcare

Mars Deutschland is a subsidiary of the American family company Mars, Incorporated, one of the world's leading branded product manufacturers. The portfolio includes many brands known around the world, from Snickers and Balisto to Uncle Ben's, Whiskas and Pedigree to Wrigley's Extra.
In Germany, Mars has been active since the opening of the first sales and production facility in Verden in 1959. More than 2,400 of the 70,000 employees worldwide work here on the Mars Group. With the five business areas of pet food, chocolate and foodstuffs as well as Wrigley Gum & Confections and Drinks, the company achieved sales of around 1.8 billion euros in 2013.

Rewe Feine Welt 1


With sales of EUR 16.4 billion (2013) and more than 90,000 employees, REWE is one of the largest food retailers in Germany. More than 22 million customers go shopping every week in one of 3,300 REWE stores across Germany. The REWE supermarkets are part of the cooperative REWE Group, one of the leading trade and tourism groups in Europe.

EHI Retail Institute Zimmer

EHI Retail Institute

More than 630 international trading companies from the commercial sector pass on their know-how and their suggestions to us, the EHI Retail Institute. Together with our own more than 50 years of experience, we have a knowledge network of the trade, which receives international attention.
Find out more about us:



The in-depth "inspection" of the supermarkets of the host and the "maneuver critique" is undoubtedly the culmination of all the meetings. Here, our members openly share strengths and weaknesses among themselves and thus put their own competitive position to the test. Not only German companies are visited; Regularly meet us also abroad.

Maya Landewyk Zimmer im food hotel Neuwied


The City of Luxembourg in August 1847: Jean-Pierre Heintz opened the tobacco factory Heintz van Landewyck in Rue de la Port Neuve no. A person who is not only a pioneer, but also a pleasure to enjoy. And so his manufactory soon becomes a first address for tobacco contacts - and the cornerstone of a family business that is now operating.

Nagel Group

Kraftverkehr Nagel

More than 500 million people in Europe want to enjoy fresh food every day. With over 95,000 moving items per day, we are helping to achieve this. This is our mission. After all, we are food creators of conviction! Due to our specialization, we can offer you reliable, efficient and tailor-made concepts for your temperature-controlled supply chain. With 11,000 employees, 6,000 of our own trucks and more than 100 locations in Europe, we meet your individual requirements - in all temperature classes, of course. For us:
... and it's possible.

EDEKA Bildung

EDEKA Bildung

As a student you have many career paths open - it is sometimes hard to make the right choice. In order to make this decision easier for you, you can complete a two-week or three-week student internship. During this time, you will have the opportunity to get to know the various processes of food retailing, to try out and to gather first impressions for the future career selection. You will find out more about EDEKA as an employer and at the same time get to know a variety of professional backgrounds. An internship is thus a very good way to find out what is fun and where your talents lie. A start is possible at any time - depending on the application area and requirements. However, as the places for a student internship are coveted, you should apply as early as possible before the planned internship with us - also with your EDEKA-Kaufmann around the corner.